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Camuy Cave Park and the Arecibo Observatory

Learn some of the science behind Puerto Rico's land and sky!

Quick Details

Clock Pick-Up Time: 7:30 – 8 a.m.

Hour Glass Duration: 7.5 hours

Users Capacity: 14 people


Visit the Camuy Caves and Arecibo Conservatory

*Camuy Cave is closed until further notice. Instead, visit Cueva Ventana or call for options.*

Venture underground to a wonderland known only to the Taino natives until the island was conquered. Home to the third largest underground river in the world, the Camuy Caves are part of one of the most massive cave systems in the Western Hemisphere.

Stop by the Spiral Sinkhole, where visitors can actually descend some 205 steps to reach its striking entrance. After our Camuy Caves adventure tour, we visit one of Puerto Rico’s most recognizable landmarks, the Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory. Built in 1963, it is a very important part of investigations of inter-spatial communications in the US. The radio telescope’s dish measures an amazing 20 acres, the largest in the world.

Once we get to the observatory, we walk up a fairly steep hill to get to the observatory itself. The walkway is a combination of steps and an inclined sidewalk, but the observatory offers a free ride to the entrance for elderly and handicapped guests.

Guests have an opportunity to see more than 25 various exhibits and see the dish!